Next generation ultrasound solutions

Transforming Ultrasound Imaging with Integrated Photonics

Med-IPUT is developing advanced ultrasound transducer arrays, leveraging integrated photonic technologies for enhanced medical imaging and diagnostics.

Elevating Medical Imaging Performance

By combining the power of integrated photonics and ultrasound technology, Med-IPUT seeks to enhance diagnostic capabilities and push the boundaries of medical imaging.

Med-IPUT is a cutting-edge project dedicated to developing advanced ultrasound transducer arrays based on integrated photonic technologies. The project’s primary focus is to improve image resolution, sensitivity, and diagnostic accuracy, paving the way for next-generation medical imaging solutions and enhanced patient care.

Key objectives and impacts

Advanced Imaging Technologies

Revolutionizing medical imaging by developing novel integrated photonic ultrasonic transducer arrays for enhanced diagnostic capabilities.

Versatile Imaging Applications

Expanding the range of diagnostic applications by providing advanced, high-resolution imaging solutions for diverse medical conditions.

Non-invasive Diagnostics

Improving patient experience and diagnostic accuracy by enabling non-invasive medical imaging techniques, such as photoacoustics.

Sustainable Healthcare Solutions

Prioritizing patient well-being, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendly medical imaging by removing harmful materials and simplifying diagnostic procedures.

Aiming for a 100-fold increase in sensitivity

The increase in sensitivity will enable an increased penetration depth by a factor 2 and a 100-fold reduction of the peak pressures. It also reduces the required laser power for photoacoustics by two orders of magnitude.

Publications and achievements

Discover the groundbreaking publications and accomplishments arising from Med-IPUT’s unique interdisciplinary approach, addressing the challenges in ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging through an innovative work plan. Our project combines the expertise of researchers and industry partners in medical imaging, optics, and material science to create novel imaging techniques that significantly improve diagnostic capabilities. With the development of integrated photonic ultrasound transducer arrays and read-out units, Med-IPUT aims to redefine ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging, making it more accessible, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. Explore the wealth of knowledge and progress achieved through our research and collaboration, as we strive to revolutionize the medical imaging landscape.

Latest news

Our consortium

The Med-IPUT Consortium brings together a multidisciplinary group of leading academic institutions, research organizations, and industry partners. Our collective expertise spans ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging, integrated photonics, materials science, and medical devices. By working together, we are accelerating the development and validation of innovative imaging solutions for improved cancer diagnosis and treatment monitoring.