Our vision and our mission

About Us

Our Vision

At Med-IPUT, our vision is to usher in a transformative era in medical imaging by making our advanced, lead-free Integrated Photonic Ultrasound Transducers (IPUTs) widely available to healthcare providers around the world. We believe that the groundbreaking capabilities of our technology have the potential to revolutionize diagnostics, treatment monitoring, and healthcare delivery for the betterment of patients and medical professionals alike.

We are dedicated to creating a safer and more sustainable medical environment by reducing reliance on harmful imaging techniques and promoting the use of environmentally friendly materials. By doing so, we aim to improve patient experiences and outcomes while minimizing the environmental footprint of medical imaging procedures.

Furthermore, our vision encompasses the expansion of healthcare access beyond traditional settings, fostering a global shift towards primary and home care. By integrating our IPUT technology into health patches and other wearable devices, we strive to empower patients with innovative tools for long-term, safe monitoring and improved quality of life. Together, we are working to create a brighter, healthier future for all.

Our Mission

At Med-IPUT, our mission is to transform the field of medical ultrasound imaging through the development and implementation of cutting-edge, lead-free Integrated Photonic Ultrasound Transducers (IPUTs). Our innovative technology is designed to provide up to two orders of magnitude greater sensitivity compared to current transducers, enabling significant advances in diagnostic capabilities, treatment monitoring, and patient comfort.

By focusing on improved image resolution, deeper penetration, and reduced acoustic peak pressures, we aim to enhance medical outcomes for patients and streamline healthcare delivery. Our vision extends beyond the immediate benefits of enhanced imaging, as we also strive to reduce reliance on harmful ionizing radiation imaging modalities, lower healthcare costs, and minimize the environmental impact of medical imaging procedures.

In collaboration with key stakeholders and partners, Med-IPUT is committed to translating our research advancements into next-generation medical devices that will generate a meaningful impact on healthcare systems, ultimately improving the quality of life for patients worldwide.

Goals and values

Develop highly sensitive IPUT-based ultrasound devices for improved resolution and penetration depth in medical imaging.

Promote early and accurate diagnostics to enable less invasive disease management and better treatment outcomes.

Reduce reliance on harmful imaging techniques (MRI, CT, X-ray) and minimize environmental impact by using lead-free materials in IPUTs.

Support the shift towards primary and home care through health patches and wearable devices with IPUT technology for long-term, safe monitoring of patients.

Foster collaboration with stakeholders and partners throughout the development and implementation process, ensuring widespread acceptance and adoption of IPUT-based ultrasound devices.

Drive innovation in various medical imaging applications, such as photoacoustic imaging and non-invasive imaging, to enhance patient comfort and reduce healthcare professionals’ workload.

Context of Med-IPUT

The Med-IPUT project aims to revolutionize medical ultrasound imaging by developing highly sensitive Integrated Photonic Ultrasound Transducers (IPUTs) with up to 2 orders of magnitude more sensitivity compared to current transducers. By enhancing resolution, penetration depth, and reducing acoustic peak pressures, the project seeks to create a significant impact on various medical applications.

This innovation addresses the growing need for improved diagnostic and monitoring techniques, as well as the demand for more accessible and environmentally friendly medical imaging technologies. The Med-IPUT consortium brings together critical stakeholders and partners to ensure a comprehensive approach to developing and implementing these groundbreaking IPUT-based ultrasound devices. By involving stakeholders and working on demonstrators, the project paves the way for the widespread adoption of IPUT technology in the healthcare system, ultimately benefiting patients, healthcare professionals, and the environment.

Facts & Figures

European Commission project number: 101092947

SERI contract number: 22.00512

Project name: Medical Integrated Photonic Ultrasound Transducer

Start date: January 1, 2023

End date: 30 June 2026

Duration: 42 month

EC Grant: 2,541,413 Euro

Coordinator: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek (TNO)