Transforming Medical Ultrasound through innovative technology

Our Work Plan

The Med-IPUT Project Is Structured Around A Comprehensive Work Plan, Designed To Tackle Key Challenges In Medical Ultrasound Technology And Deliver Innovative, High-Performance Solutions. Our Work Plan Is Divided Into Seven Well-Coordinated Work Packages (WPs), Each Focusing On A Specific Aspect Of The Project, From Technological Development And Integration To Market Adoption And Scalability.​

Key Challenges and Solutions

Technological Development


Achieving desired sensitivity and performance characteristics for IPUTs.


Med-IPUT will refine existing concepts (Ring Resonator and Mach Zehnder Interferometer) and explore innovative methods to enhance the performance of ultrasound transducers.



Seamless integration of IPUTs into existing and new ultrasound systems.


Med-IPUT will develop techniques for integrating IPUTs with other system components, including signal processing and image reconstruction algorithms, to ensure optimal performance.

Regulatory Compliance


Obtaining necessary regulatory approvals (CE, FDA) for IPUT-based medical devices.


Med-IPUT will collaborate with relevant stakeholders and follow stringent guidelines to ensure thorough testing, validation, and compliance with medical device regulations.

Market Adoption


Encouraging healthcare industry adoption of IPUT-based ultrasound systems.


Med-IPUT will demonstrate the technology’s benefits to healthcare professionals, address potential resistance to change, and ensure compatibility with existing workflows and practices.

Scalability & Manufacturing


Scaling up production of IPUT-based devices while maintaining quality and performance.


Med-IPUT will focus on efficient manufacturing processes, supply chain stability, and overcoming potential challenges in scaling up production to ensure widespread market adoption.

By addressing these challenges, Med-IPUT aims to revolutionize medical ultrasound technology and positively impact the healthcare industry with its innovative IPUT-based devices.

A Comprehensive Approach to Revolutionizing Ultrasound Technology

The project’s seven Work Packages each address different aspects of our goals. These work packages are designed to ensure a comprehensive approach to research, development, and validation of the IPUT-based transducer array demonstrators for medical imaging and photoacoustic applications.

Work Package 1

Project Management

This work package focuses on overall project coordination, ensuring smooth communication, efficient decision-making, and timely delivery of project milestones and deliverables. It also includes financial management and risk management.

Work Package 2

System and Component Specifications

WP2 aims to define the system and component requirements for the IPUT-based transducer array demonstrators, including specifications for the hybrid integrated read-out unit, the SiN platform, and the photoacoustic demonstrator.

Work Package 3

Hybrid Integrated Optical Read-Out Unit

The focus of WP3 is to develop, optimize, and validate the hybrid integrated optical read-out unit, which includes the design and fabrication of MZI and RR-based IPUTs, the development of a hybrid integrated read-out unit, and system-level simulations.

Work Package 4

SiN Platform for Membrane Device

In WP4, the project aims to develop a process for membrane formation in the SiN platform, develop SiN-based IPUTs and IPUT arrays, and integrate multiple sensors in a single SiN PIC. This work package also includes fabrication of SiN PIC devices for the Photoacoustic demonstrator.

Work Package 5

IPUT Demonstrators

WP5 involves reviewing requirements and design of demonstrators, designing and manufacturing custom components, acquiring COTS components, and integrating IPUT-based transducer array demonstrators for validation in WP6.

Work Package 6

Demonstration and Validation

This work package is dedicated to measuring the performance of the two IPUT-based transducer array demonstrators. It includes setting up a validation plan, device-level characterization, integration of demonstrators with the Verasonics research platform, and performance validation of the IPUT-based transducer array demonstrators.

Work Package 7

Dissemination and Exploitation

WP7 coordinates the dissemination activities of the project, prepares the project results for exploitation, and manages intellectual property. The objectives include disseminating project research outputs, ensuring optimal visibility of the project, managing IP, and identifying exploitation opportunities.

The work plan builds upon the key challenges and solutions, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient approach to achieving project goals.

Through this well-structured work plan, the Med-IPUT project aims to overcome key challenges and deliver groundbreaking advancements in medical ultrasound technology, ultimately benefiting patients, healthcare professionals, and the entire medical community.