LIGENTEC is a B2B company manufacturing Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC) for customers in high-tech areas such as communication on ground and space, Quantum technologies, LiDAR and Biosensors. The core expertise of the company is in the domain of SiN integrated circuits, where it offers MPW, dedicated and engineering runs using its proprietary All Nitride Core (AN) technology. LIGENTEC’s technology platform is fully CMOS compatible, thus allows to offer ramping up to high volumes benefiting from the scale of the semiconductor industry.

Role of institution in the project

Ligentec is primarily involved in SiN Platform for membrane device (WP4). The main tasks are 4.1 Process development for membranes in SiN, where Ligentec will develop a process for membranes in SiN via chip backside etching.

Task 4.2 Single device membrane components, where different sensor configurations based on ring resonators and material stacks will be investigated using simulations and experiments.

Task 4.3 Development of integration of multiple membrane components, where different approaches to IPUT based transducer arrays and interfaces with readout will be explored.

Task 4.4 Detailed design and fabrication of SiN PIC devices for IPUT demonstrator.

Andreas Frigg

Andreas Frigg is a Process Engineer at Ligentec. He joined Ligentec 2 years ago and is part of the cleanroom fabrication team. Previously he held various positions as process engineer in micro/nano fabrication.

Catarina Mendonca

Catarina Mendonca is a Grant Manager at LIGENTEC. Coming from a scientific and engineering background, she also holds a CAS in Project Management and a PRINCE2 Project Management Certification as well as extensive hands-on experience in leading and managing research and innovation projects and programmes with industrial focus.

Anton Stroganov

Anton Stroganov is a product manager at LIGENTEC. He joined the company in 2017 in its very early days and held several technical functional roles since then. With diversified background and understanding of the market demands, he has taken on his current role to guide and support LIGENTEC’s R&D activities, develop new PIC-based solutions for customers and manage related internal and external projects.