The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research


The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) is one of Europe’s leading research and development organisations, with a staff of approximately 3000 and an annual turnover of 564 million Euros. As a prominent player in the Dutch knowledge infrastructure, TNO has the mission to be the crucial link from Research & Development to the commercial exploitation of knowledge in terms of new products and services. TNO focuses& Development to the commercial exploitation of knowledge in terms of new products and services. TNO focuses on societal themes where change or transition is required. The Optics department develops, designs, builds and demonstrates optical instruments for a wide variety of applications such as Semiconductor, Medical and Space. TNO provides well-equipped facilities for opto-electrical testing of waveguide-based chips. Advanced fabrication and metrology tools are available for fabrication and characterization as well as cleanroom facilities for (back-end) processing and metrology. TNO has an extensive background and expertise in optical, mechanical, thermal system design and systems engineering of photonic systems, which will be employed to support the system level design. TNO participates in the Chip Integration and Technology Center (CITC), a non-profit innovation centre that specializes in heterogeneous integration and advanced chip packaging technology. With CITC, TNO will perform the packaging design, manufacturing and electrical assembly of the advanced PIC building blocks into the technology and application demonstrators. The CITC is well equipped and has all the equipment and tooling for packaging assembly technologies. Among others the CITC has equipment for high precision dispensing (glue, solder paste), automated die pickup and die attach, wire bonding and advanced flip chip assembly and temperature profile curing.

Role of the institution in the project
TNO is the coordinator of the Horizon Europe MED-IPUT project and WP leader of the WP2 (System Architectures) and WP5 (IPUT demonstrators). Within the project TNO will have several roles; 1) Systems engineering of the IPUT sensor; 2) Packaging support; 3) Testing of demonstrator. TNO will also provide the background that is required for the IPUT sensor design/concept.

Rob Jansen

BSc. Rob Jansen (male) has been active in the coordination of projects within TNO for about 18 years and holds a senior project management position within the Optics department of TNO. He obtained two BSc degrees, one in chemical processing in 1996 and one in applied physics in 1998. He is active as a project manager within TNO since 2006 and obtained IPMA B & C certificates on project management. Besides managing projects he coordinates the fiber optic sensing group and is active as a program manager on opto-acoustics. Rob Jansen has the Dutch Nationality, is married and has four children.

Suhendan Adiguzel-van Zoelen

Suhendan Adiguzel-van Zoelen is a Medical Doctor and has a PhD degree on Medical Pharmacology and Toxicology (Turkey). She has more than 33 years of professional working experience as a researcher, Head of the Clinical Laboratories and Occupational Health and Safety Department (TR), and Project Coordinator. After her retirement from her position at the Ministry of health in Turkey, she started to work at TNO since 2012 as a project manager. She is now managing HORİZON 2020 and Horizon Europe projects as well as national projects on behalf of TNO.
Suhendan has the Dutch and Turkish Nationalities, is married and has one child.

Peter Harmsma

Peter Harmsma studied Applied Physics at the University of Twente (NL), and obtained his PhD in 2000 at the Delft University of Technology (NL) on InP-based photonic integrated circuits. He was one of the founders of III-V Photonics, a spin-off from the Delft University, which expanded to over 20 persons and raised 7 MEur venture capital. He joined TNO in 2008 as a scientist in integrated nano-photonics, focusing mainly on sensor applications. These applications often require a multidisciplinary approach and a system level architecture to be successful. Peter has worked in the main integrated photonics material platforms (SOI / SiN / InP / polymer). He is member of the project review committees in ACTPHAST4.0 and Photon Hub Europe, holds several patents, and is part-time involved in Delta Diagnostics, a TNO spin-off company in the field of photonic biosensing.

Paul van Neer

Paul van Neer (1982) graduated from Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, in 2005. He obtained his M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering on the topic of ultrasonic detection of mechanical heart-valve failure. In 2010 he received his Ph.D. for his work on the design of medical ultrasound hardware, reported in his thesis entitled ‘Ultrasonic Superharmonic Imaging’. In 2011 he joined TNO. Paul is holds the position of Principal Scientist at the department of Acoustics and Sonar. He develops novel measurement equipment based on sound and typically has the roles of lead scientist or system architect. His responsibilities encompass 3 programs within TNO:
1) Opto-acoustics,
• Ultra-sensitive opto-acoustic ultrasound sensors and networks
• Application domains: medical, defense, industrial, semicon, flow & composition
2) GHz Acoustic Metrology
• GHz acoustics based inspection and measurement techniques
• Applications: semicon and medical
3) Large-Area Ultrasound
• Flexible large area ultrasound transducers
• Application domain: medical, defense
Paul’s work resulted in 50+ patents and patent applications, 35+ peer reviewed journal publications, 100+ conference presentations and in multiple commercial products and spin-outs.

Robert Altmann

Robert Altmann works as optical scientist and system engineer at TNO more than 5 years. At the optics department he focuses on the development of technologies based on integrated photonic circuits for applications such as free-space optical communication and medical diagnostic tools. TNO’s unique facilities and infrastructure allows him to perform early prototype development and testing of the most advanced optical technologies. He aims to improve the competitive position of Dutch industry by enabling the development of new technologies.

Michiel Oderwald

As senior business developer on the field of medical devices, Michiel Oderwald, MSc. is responsible to initiate and organize collaborations with partners. This is most often done by shaping new projects, however our activities on the field of technology transfer, such as the founding of startups and licensing, are growing. He studied mechanical engineering at the Delft University of Technology. With his background on the field of control engineering / mechatronics he started in 1999 at TNO as a designer of robotic systems for a variety of markets such as horticulture, rehabilitation and health care. In 2001 He became project manager in a.o. the semicon domain and since 2006 he shifted his focus towards the medical device domain. In 2008 he started with his role as business developer in the field of medical devices.
It’s TNO’s and his personal ambition to get innovative medical device innovations into the market in order to generate the societal impact.