VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd is a state owned and controlled non-profit limited liability company established by law and operating under the ownership steering of the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

VTT is an RTO whose activities are focused on three areas: Carbon neutral solutions, Sustainable products and materials, and Digital technologies. VTT is impact-driven and takes advantage from its wide multitechnological knowledge base to strengthen Finnish and European industrial competitiveness. VTT can combine different technologies, produce information, upgrade technology knowledge, and create business intelligence and value added for its stakeholders.

VTT has a staff of 2130, net turnover in 2021 was 154 M€ and other operational incomes were 99 M€. Over the years, VTT has gained vast experience from participation and coordination of numerous European projects including R&D Framework Programme projects and other thematic frameworks and programmes. VTT is ranked among the leading European RTOs. In December 2017, VTT has been recognised with the “HR Excellence in Research” award by the European Commission.

Role of institution in the project

In Med-IPUT, VTT exploits its silicon photonics design and fabrication expertise (https://www.vttresearch.com/en/ourservices/silicon-photonics). VTT leads WP3 regarding the development of the silicon-on-insulator (SOI) platform for design and fabrication of transducer arrays for the medical imaging demonstrator, as well as a PIC read-out unit featuring demultiplexing devices and monolithically integrated Ge photodetectors.

Within WP2, VTT will contribute on the definition of IPUT based transducer array demonstrator requirements and system architecture by providing expertise and design guidelines regarding the SOI platform.

Dr. Yisbel Marin

Dr. Yisbel Marin is a research scientist at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd and leads WP3 regarding the SOI platform development. She has done research on photonic sensors and integrated photonics. She has expertise in photonic integrated circuits design and testing.