Med-IPUT joined ECR 2024!

🎉 Med-IPUT was presented during the European Congress of Radiology 2024 (ECR 2024) 🎉

ECR is an annual meeting organised by the European Society of Radiology (ESR). The ECR is the leading event in radiology in Europe, the second-largest radiological meeting in the world, and one of the largest medical meetings in Europe. Its attendees span all areas of the radiology arena including radiologists, radiographers, physicists, computer scientists and industry representatives.

Paul van Neer from TNO joined the EIBIR session “From pixels to probes: unveiling the potential of integrated photonics in medical imaging” during which he delivered a very insightful presentation titled: “Med-IPUT, integrated photonic ultrasound transducers (IPUTs): revolutionising medical ultrasound imaging with light”. During the talk, Paul van der Neer explained how medical ultrasound images can be created using light, unravelled which new possibilities IPUTs enable, and discussed the potential impact of IPUTs on medical ultrasound imaging.

❗To watch the session recording, just log in to the ESR Connect with your ESR MyUserArea credentials or create a new account. All EIBIR sessions are available free of charge.

Med-IPUT was very excited to have the opportunity to join ECR 2024 and is looking forward to joining other events and conferences!